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In 2011, my friends and I, came up with a way to gain on the occasion of the UEFA Euro 2012. The idea was simple – I will rent my own flat to football fans and even move on to my neighbor with whom I will share profits from renting. Then, we had only the money in mind and we were a little angry, that on the occasion of that Even the state will enrich, the big companies will enrich but not only we, the ordinary citizens. So we established the association “ Neighbors for 2012 Matches”, we made a page on which we presented our apartments: www.polandaccommodation.eu and www.odnajme.pl through which we encouraged countrymen to follow in our footsteps.

Euro has passed and I want to tell what it all turned out ...

Through our website, where there are over 2000 entries, leased about 500 flats and apartments and accommodated over 4,5 thousands guests!

That Euro time is not an ordinary vacation, and such just to make money then I felt the week before the Euro when I sent a letter to the foreign guests with the words "We will soon welcome You in our wonderful country." I felt joy that we, Poles, in a moment will welcome thousands of Europeans in our homes. The same solemnity and pride of events presented my neighbors, to which a moment later came the Irish, Spaniards, Croats, Germans. Probably the first time in Poland’s history to foreign nations we said "we welcome you to our land, what's ours!" Ms. Janeczek fried plum cake to "her’" Italians. For Russians Mss Magda baked turkey and even asked family to joint adoption. Mr. Henry, drove the Spaniards from Poznan to the Berlin Airport, and Mr. Jurek his Irish fans around 3 am moved on his back to the car and then put them to bed! Do to such stories, which I quote from a hundred, you can still count on the occasion of the Euro-earned money? You can not! This is what happened over the whole dimension of what we expected!

We showed them how cool, resourceful, full of joy and empathy we are. On the other hand, we found others with the same defects, imperfections, which we have, and which does not discredit us! Neither better nor worse, and like them, once we can be proud of our country, and another time to revile it . And then everything is O.K!

And as for the financial profits from this event: it came out so well that I would urge fellow hot: Let’s take Euro further and thrue the entire country! Let's show visitors our whole Poland! Invite them to Masuria, this time in our mountains, Kujawa, Pomerania or to Kazimierz on the Vistula River. Let's show them Bieszczady, or Kłodzko Valley!

Persuade Irish, Italian or German, who spent the night with you to come back to Poland. (A guesthouse owner from whom "your" Irish get an accommodation share with you a profit). This page will serve www.odnajme.pl

And another story from the period of the Euro. At 4.30 in the morning. Barbara answers the phone and after a while wakes her husband: - listen, the Spaniard which we are staying at the code probably needs to intercom. But how to give it to him - I do not speak Spanish! - The sleepy man said: - Then write it down on a piece ...


Michal Wojciechowicz
Founder of “Neighbors for 2012 Matches”


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